“I’m no artsy guy,” explains Jason Martin of Starflyer 59. “I’m not sitting out in some field with a leather notebook trying to act like what I’m doing is special.”

Although it might be tempting to misplace his tone, it isn’t insincerity, self-deprecation, or haughtiness that strings together Jason Martin’s sentences: it’s honesty. When asked about why he writes, he’ll say “because I like it.” When asked why he’s partnered with Tooth & Nail for so long, he’ll say “because I like it.” And when you ask him what he thinks of his fourteenth studio album out this June, you’ll reticently receive the same words as before: he likes it.

And that’s where you start seeing the ever-unchanging theme of consistency that surrounds and embodies Jason Martin. Even when he tries not to be consistent, he is. “I never plan on doing another record,” he explains, “but then I get restless. I write some songs, my buddies come over, we record them. I say this is the last record, and then a few months later I get that itch again.”

Known for refusing photos, interviews, and even tours, Starflyer 59’s fans have learned to expect seasons of silence between new sound. Never knowing but always anticipating a new release, it’s safe to assume Tooth & Nail Records will always announce it.


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