Le Voyageur is the electronic brainchild of Alexander Fairchild, a New York City based rock musician. The project is a manifestation of Fairchild’s love affair with Paul McCartney’s Wings, Thom Yorke’s Eraser, and his longstanding affection for analog electronics.

In Le Voyageur’s first full-length project, humankind has moved past exclusive habitation on Earth and the universe is in chaos. Newly discovered scientific methods, unexplored foreign planets, and ungovernable galactic battles provide the backdrop for Finally, a concept record about one man’s quest for redemption.

Finally invites us on a sonic journey as our traveler, Le Voyageur, wanders immeasurable landscapes in search of the woman he loves. Each song tests the breadth of the universe and the scope of human emotion, and is set to release on May 11th.


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