Soundtrack the moment. Capture the moment. This is the goal of Empty Isles -- to give someone the song that perfectly encapsulates a memory, a relationship, or a season of life. Empty Isles is the solo project of Nashville based songwriter Zach Lardy. Lardy also works as a producer and has toured multiple continents with other artists. Even while touring or producing, Lardy has always been writing; trying to soundtrack the moment. Empty Isles was born out of that constant need to create.

Empty Isles’s sound melds organic production with heavy sound manipulation and unique track layering. Lardy's delicate voice and catchy melodies mask the oftentimes desperate and contemplative lyrics that encompass Empty Isles. There is constant contrast throughout the sound. A single haunting melody gently twists and turns into a web of sound that balances complexity with beauty.

Empty Isles plans to tour and continue releasing music throughout 2019. Follow the band on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to stay updated with the latest news on tour dates and new music releases.







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