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Recorded by: Matt Goldman, Aaron Marsh, Aaron Sprinkle
Produced by: ANBERLIN
Mixed by: Adam Hawkins (tracks 1,2,3,5,6,7,8,9) and Chad Howatt (tracks 4 & 10)
Mastered by: Troy Glessner at Spectre Mastering – Seattle WA

Recorded at Glow in the Dark - Nashville TN, The Vanguard Room – Lakeland FL, The Pier– Franklin, TN

ANBERLIN is: Nathan Young, Joseph Milligan, Christian McAlhaney, Stephen Christian, Deon Rexroat

All songs written by ANBERLIN © 2014 Published by The Noise in National Music (ASCAP) and We Are Younger We Are Faster Music (ASCAP), except We Are Destroyer, written by Micah Tawlks and Anberlin © 2014 published by the Noise in National Music (ASCAP) and

Lyrics: by Stephen Christian, lyrics on We Are Destroyer by Stephen Christian and Micah Tawlks

Additional vocals on Armageddon by Tom Wailson & Ayan Sorphens

Quick Bio

Anberlin will release their final album this year, followed by a farewell world tour. Here’s what you should know:

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Stephen Christian - Vocals
Joseph Milligan - Guitar
Devon Rexroat - Bass
Nathan Young - Drums
Christian McAlhaney - Guitar