Hawk Nelson

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Hawkology Track List

  1. California
  2. Things We Go Through
  3. Every Little Thing
  4. From Underneath
  5. Letters To The President
  6. Right Here
  7. Recess
  8. Take Me
  9. Someone Else Before
  10. First Time
  11. Like A Racecar
  12. Late Show
  13. 36 Days
  14. Long and Lonely Road
  15. The One Thing I Have Left
  16. The Show
  17. Bring 'Em Out
  18. Everything You Ever Wanted
  19. Something On My Mind
  20. Is Forever Enough
  21. Zero
  22. Nothing Left to Show
  23. Head On Collision
  24. Hello
  25. It's Over
  26. Fourteen
  27. You Have What I Need
  28. Friend Like That
  29. Turn It On
  30. One Little Miracle
  31. Let's Dance
  32. ANcient History
  33. Somebody Else
  34. Arms Around Me
  35. Not The Same
  36. Words We Speak
  37. I Still Miss You

Quick Bio

Every coin has two sides: heads and tails. Both are necessary to the value of the coin. Neither is more important than the other. So it is with Tooth & Nail band Hawk Nelson. Flip heads, you get the band’s signature punk rock fun. Flip tails and find an introspection that fuels it all.

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Jonathan Steingard - vocals/guitar
Daniel Brio - bass
Justin Benner - drums