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Hello, Mannequin Track List

  1. Hello, Mannequin.
  2. Disloyalist Party.
  3. The Works of Unknowns.
  4. The Singing Arc.
  5. Song For All Time.
  6. The Birth of the Telegram, 1814.
  7. Who Are Friends?
  8. Wolf in the Bend.
  9. From Mount Chorus.
  10. The Phonograph Plays, Part and Parcel.
  11. Nikola Tesla.
  12. Post Calendar.
  13. I Am a Pioneer.
  14. A Page of Life.

Quick Bio

"The world changes materially. Science makes advances in technology and understanding. But the world of humanity doesn't change." – Pierre Schaeffer

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Ronnie Martin - Vocals, Synthesizers