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You Are My Sunshine (LP Edition) Track List

  1. Should You Return
  2. The Grey Man
  3. Chin Up
  4. Good Morning Fire Eater
  5. To Be Happy Now
  6. The Day I Lost My Voice (The Suitcase Song)
  7. On the Safest Ledge
  8. Not Allowed
  9. Strange and Unprepared
  10. What Do I Know?
  11. Not So Tough Found Out
  12. What Cannot Be Found (Part 1)
  13. Every Silence
  14. You Are My Sunshine

Quick Bio

American pop standard “You Are My Sunshine” is synonymous with idyllic memories of youth and other feelings of merriment. But Copeland, the Lakeland, Fla.-based, indie alternative trio who’ve already brought soul-searching tracks like “Control Freak” and “Pin Your Wings,” spin their own metaphorical thesis on the classic tune for their fourth studio effort, the aptly-titled You Are My Sunshine.

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Aaron Marsh
Bryan Laurenson
Jonathan Bucklew