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Absolutes Track List

  1. Shiv
  2. Sand Dollar
  3. Colt .45
  4. Inclusive
  5. Wither/Ascend
  6. Acquiesce
  7. An Eclipsing
  8. The Two Heavens
  9. Wither (Reprise)
  10. zzyxz Scarecrow

Quick Bio

Stavesacre is a vital Christian new hard rock band with a huge, innovative sound and deep, powerful songs. Band members originated in the seminal Christian hardcore groups The Crucified and Focused, performing for and ministering to thousands of kids. They are a collective that features some of the most committed and respectable musicians in rock and roll today: vocalist Mark Salomon, guitarists Ryan Dennee and Neil Samoy, drummer/percussionist Sam West and bassist Dirk Lemmenes.


Mark Salomon - Vocals
Ryan Dennee - Guitar
Dirk Lemmenes - Bass
Neil Samoy - Guitar
Sam West - Drums