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Friction Track List

  1. Threshold
  2. Loader
  3. At The Moment
  4. Suffocate Me
  5. Minus
  6. Devil
  7. Tranewreck
  8. Burning Clean
  9. Anna Thema
  10. Stars And Clouds

Quick Bio

Stavesacre is a vital Christian new hard rock band with a huge, innovative sound and deep, powerful songs. Band members originated in the seminal Christian hardcore groups The Crucified and Focused, performing for and ministering to thousands of kids. They are a collective that features some of the most committed and respectable musicians in rock and roll today: vocalist Mark Salomon, guitarists Ryan Dennee and Neil Samoy, drummer/percussionist Sam West and bassist Dirk Lemmenes.


Mark Salomon - Vocals
Ryan Dennee - Guitar
Dirk Lemmenes - Bass
Neil Samoy - Guitar
Sam West - Drums