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Slick Shoes

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Rusty Track List

  1. Feeble
  2. Cliche
  3. Regrets
  4. Rusty
  5. Joe's Sick
  6. Proved Me Wrong
  7. Father Son Picnic
  8. Losing Sight
  9. Fall
  10. Walk Out
  11. Bounce
  12. Last
  13. By What's Right
  14. Tired of You
  15. What Happens Next
  16. Represent

Quick Bio

"Alone" is the first single and video from Slick Shoes' brand new self-titled album! Fresh off successful tour in 2001 with MxPx and Good Charlotte, Slick Shoes returns with an exemplary punk rock album that promises to be their most successful release to date!

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Ryan Kepke - Vocals
David Stoltenberg - Guitar
Jonah Peterson - Guitar
Kevin Clark - Bass
Joe Nixon - Drums