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Sugarless Track List

  1. Shut Off
  2. Last One Out
  3. Back and Forth
  4. 6X6
  5. Far Removed
  6. Just Enough
  7. #1 Fan
  8. Prodigal
  9. Super Size It
  10. Almost Always
  11. No Use Running

Quick Bio

Puller is one of the few alternative rock bands in Christian music still making a mark on the indie world. Their new album "What's Mine at Twilight" continues to offer catchy pop hooks mixed with the rough edge of rock. Blending elements of post-punk and straight up pop-rock styles, Puller's music reaches across genre boundaries. This is Puller's 3rd album for Tooth & Nail and they continue to create great introspective modern rock songs.

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Mike Lewis - Vocals, Guitar
Geoff Riley - Drums