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Closer Than You Think Track List

  1. Wishing
  2. Out of my Head
  3. Bring Me In
  4. "She"
  5. Own Devices
  6. Never the Less
  7. Light in Eve's Time
  8. Silent Film
  9. Would For You
  10. Am I Samaritan
  11. Bitter Vine
  12. I Will (Walk in Your Shadow)
  13. If I Had These Things

Quick Bio

Puller is one of the few alternative rock bands in Christian music still making a mark on the indie world. Their new album "What's Mine at Twilight" continues to offer catchy pop hooks mixed with the rough edge of rock. Blending elements of post-punk and straight up pop-rock styles, Puller's music reaches across genre boundaries. This is Puller's 3rd album for Tooth & Nail and they continue to create great introspective modern rock songs.

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Mike Lewis - Vocals, Guitar
Geoff Riley - Drums