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A Toast To Bad Taste Track List

  1. Intro
  2. A Toast to Bad Taste
  3. I Hope That We Swim (Oceans)
  4. A Thin Line
  5. Segue to Devil Without A Clue
  6. Devil Without A Clue
  7. It's Not Me, It's You
  8. Segue to Gentlemen (Go To Sleep)
  9. Gentlemen (Go To Sleep)
  10. Keep Keep MP3
  11. Segue to So Glad
  12. So Glad
  13. Surprise Funeral (For The Charmed) MP3
  14. To Live
  15. Forever And A Day
  16. I Gave In

Quick Bio

The rock music landscape is littered with pre-fabricated poseurs putting on their silliest clothes and making their stupidest faces with a complete lack of genuine emotion. Imagine a band without gimmicks, made up of regular people writing and performing honest music. Sound crazy?

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Brandon Welch - Vocals
Todd Turner - Drums
Joseph Powers - Bass
Mark Karsten - Guitar
Jordan Powers - Guitar, Vocals
Elizabeth Pina - Keyboards