Ask Tooth & Nail: How Do You Get The New Summer Sampler?

Our first week of Ask Tooth & Nail! I figured I would take it pretty easy: warm up, ease us into this thing. Maybe do some stretches and run a lap later.

JoshTara asked:

How do you get the new Summer Sampler at How does one get a download card to redeem?

Our answer:

If you have been following Tooth & Nail or any of our subsidiaries over the years, you may have noticed that every summer we try to give away some sweet music for you to sample, munch on, consume at will. Have no fear, the same is true this year! If you have been to one summer festival or another, you may have seen our pretty little Tooth & Nail Tent set up on the grounds and likely manned by Micah Dean, Taylor or Adam, a few members of our friendly and helpful staff. In fact, as we speak they are down in Enumclaw, WA at Creation West. If you’re out there or planning on it over the weekend, stop by and say hi!

Not only are the dudez there to help you with all your merchandise needs, they are also good for a laugh and can supply you with a download card that will provide you with exactly what you need to redeem some songs over at Just be sure to ask nicely and not talk smack about the Colorado Rockies to Adam. It’s been a rough season.

If you missed your chance or aren’t planning on hitting a festival this year, stay tuned. We might have a few tricks up our sleeves!

Hope this helped! If you have a question you’d like answered, leave us a comment here, tweet us @toothandnail or shoot us an email at and hopefully you’ll see your question here on a future edition of Ask Tooth & Nail.

See you next week!

Fuel To The Fire

Speaking of summer festivals and Warped Tour…

For the past few years we’ve been spending our springs putting together a Tooth & Nail / Solid State magazine called FUEL. Each mag features a bunch of interviews with and articles written by our bands.

This year’s FUEL cover band is August Burns Red and the issue includes an interview with guitarist JB Brubaker.

“It’s always difficult for me to pick specific things that I view as inspiration.  I am not one to look at something beautiful or sad or whatever it may be, and feel inspired to write.  That’s never been where I have been coming from.  I write what I think sounds good.  I try to write interesting songs.  If I find the music to be interesting, then it’s my hope that others will as well.  You could say I’m simply motivated by the desire to continually get better at my craft…”

For the rest of this interview and more, be sure to stop by our booth this summer at one of the many festivals we will be at and/or Warped Tour!