(In)form: The artwork of “To The Secrets & Knowledge”

To The Secrets & Knowledge
Working On It

One of my favorite parts of being an in-house designer at the label is that normally I get to hear the records before I start the artwork. It really helps inspire me more than I ever thought it would. I feel like I’m able to better capture the mood of a recording after hearing it, and hopefully create some art that “feels” the way the record “feels”. For the artwork for “To The Secrets & Knowledge,” I wanted to make the art convey the upbeat and clean feel that the record has, as well as play off of the mysterious nature of the title. After talking it over with Jeff (Schneeweis), we decided to make these small collages made of all the simple shapes that (for the most part) make up everyday life. Everywhere you look, these shapes are found in man made things, which represent ‘knowledge,’ and in nature, which represent ‘secrets’. I also used small symbols for each song title with each song’s corresponding track number. I had a ton of fun making the art for this record… getting to look through piles and piles of old science fiction magazines and books for inspiration. Go pick up the record on January 26!

-Jordan Butcher