Ask Tooth & Nail: What Is The Japanese Translation On Project 86’s Song “PS?”

It’s that time of the week, kids; time to ask your most pressing questions and get sometimes-vague but [hopefully] always-entertaining answers.

This week’s question comes via email from Elisamuel Figueroa:

On the song of Project 86 “PS” from the album “Drawing Black Lines,” there is a part that have a girl speaking like in Japanese. Do you guys know what it says?

Our answer:

We had to do some in-depth research on this one; I’m talking careful listening and transcribing and translator-hiring. Okay, so maybe it only involved one quick email to someone in the know, but suffice it to say, we’ve tracked down the translation of the part. It is in Japanese and basically a collection of phrases the band thought sounded interesting:

Nobody understands me
I, who know nobody understands me,
might be wise?
But when i talk with you over the phone,
for a moment I forget about myself.
I forget cause I want to forget…
I forget…
I want to forget…
I forget…
For whom does the word “Justice” exist?
To me justice is just the same with Satan,
same with Satan.
Those people are same with Satan.
I always think but that’s my life, what I can do?
What even I can do now?
I can be happy.
I want to be happy.
Would someone love me please.

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