Ask Tooth & Nail: Are There Plans To Keep Signing Bands?

Alright guys. I’m back! Sorry about missing last week. I was out camping in the wilderness and too busy fighting off mountain lions, catching salmon with my bare hands and constructing a shelter out of sticks and leaves to check our email and address a question for Ask Tooth & Nail.

Okay, so maybe I was just making s’mores and collecting sea glass. Whatever. Let’s get back to it!

This week’s question comes from Nels:

Are there plans to keep signing bands? I really hope so, so many of your new ones are amazing! =D

Our answer:

Why thank you, Nels! We love our new bands too – well, all our bands really. It’s hard not to.

We are definitely always trying to sign new up-and-coming (or sometimes already-established) bands. Keeping our roster well-rounded and awesome is important to us. And like you, we really enjoy listening to new music. There’s nothing like discovering a band you love for the first time. It’s just so exciting and inspiring, and those feelings never get old.

Rest assured that as long as there are great new bands out there, we will continue to sign them.

In fact, there’s one in particular I’m thinking about right now. We’ll be announcing our marriage with this Arkansas-based band sometime next week. Hopefully the news won’t be too polarizing?


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Have a great weekend everyone!