School’s Out For Summer!

Granted, we’re not in school, but whatever. Either way, this means I’m taking off my hiatus and letting you know that though we may have been quiet here on our renowned Tooth & Nail Blog, we have also been busy. This summer kicked off with new albums from Write This Down, The Overseer, Children 18:3, States and Wolves At The Gate. And it’s only the beginning of July!

It was America’s birthday this week, which also marked the first true day of sun and warmth (if you can consider the low 70s warmth, which we do) in Seattle. In belated celebration, we spent our Friday lunch break firing up the grill and enjoying summer.

Looking ahead, we are working on some really cool new albums from Capital Lights, Anchor & Braille and Abandoned Pools. I am personally excited about all those releases, but I suppose I’m a little bit biased.

There may or may not be some other neat-o tricks up our sleeves. Cough, cough. So stay tuned for some fun and other awesome things. And remind me to tell you about that one time I made a piƱata out of peeps for one of our A&R guys.

When The Rain’s Away, The Co-Workers Will Play

Well maybe not play, exactly. But barbecue. Sunshine can occasionally be hard to come by in these here parts, so when it does…a lunchtime grill session seems necessary. Today’s grillmaster Scott and I took the opportunity to run to the local Trader Joe’s for some taco supplies.

We’re fortunate enough to have a grill behind our office, along with some outdoor patio furniture. So a bunch of us sat down for a good ol’ family lunch in the sunshine – probably getting a sufficient sunburn while we were at it since it’s not very often we get a chance to tan.

Not a bad way to spend your lunch hour on a Friday if you ask me!