No Sleeper: The Energy Drink

From the marketing team that brought you The Chariot’s “Hot and Rumors of Hot” Sauce and August Burns Red Trading Cards comes Oh, Sleeper’s “No Sleeper:” The Energy Drink. Stay tuned for details on how to get your hands on one of these super limited edition cans!

P.S. Oh, Sleeper’s new album “Children Of Fire” available in stores and online September 27th!


Tooth & Nail TV: Episode 6 (Teaser Version)

I know you’ve been wondering to yourself, “hey self, when do you think the next episode of Tooth & Nail TV is going up?” Well you can stop wondering! Filming has begun on the latest episode of Tooth & Nail TV, which will feature the latest music videos from Underoath, I Am Empire, Emery, Write This Down, Hyland and more!

Our hosts Micah Dean and Adam walked back into the office not too long ago wet, barefoot and carrying inflatable life rings, so I think it’s safe to say this could be something worth watching.

Oh, and we might also finally be giving you the answer to that nice little teaser of a band we posted about last week. Until then, I’ll leave you with a couple of photos from the “set” of Tooth & Nail TV, also known as our office.

Welcome _____ To The Tooth & Nail Family!

We have yet to make a formal announcement regarding the latest Tooth & Nail signing, but wanted to give you, our friends here at the Tooth & Nail Blog, a teaser of the newest addition to the family. Guesses are welcome, but if I told you at this point, I’d have to throw banana cream pies in your face or something.

new band

Fuel To The Fire

Speaking of summer festivals and Warped Tour…

For the past few years we’ve been spending our springs putting together a Tooth & Nail / Solid State magazine called FUEL. Each mag features a bunch of interviews with and articles written by our bands.

This year’s FUEL cover band is August Burns Red and the issue includes an interview with guitarist JB Brubaker.

“It’s always difficult for me to pick specific things that I view as inspiration.  I am not one to look at something beautiful or sad or whatever it may be, and feel inspired to write.  That’s never been where I have been coming from.  I write what I think sounds good.  I try to write interesting songs.  If I find the music to be interesting, then it’s my hope that others will as well.  You could say I’m simply motivated by the desire to continually get better at my craft…”

For the rest of this interview and more, be sure to stop by our booth this summer at one of the many festivals we will be at and/or Warped Tour!


Tee & Nail

shirt design

We’ve been working on some new label merch to sell in our online store as well as at a bunch of summer festivals and Warped Tour this year (yes, we’ll be at Warped again this year so if you plan on going, say hello to Ben at our booth!) Here is a sneak peek at one of the new T-shirt designs.

Got any Tooth & Nail merch you’d like to see? Leave a comment and let us know!