Farewell Underoath

This last weekend I flew from Seattle to hang out with Underoath and see their final show at Jannus Live in St. Petersburg, FL.  As Cities Burn and mewithoutYou played epic sets, and Underoath’s last performance was nothing short of incredible.  It was great to bro out with the band in their hometown, talk about what a great run they’ve had, and reminisce over their years together. We’re all sad to see them go, but so thankful for the music they left us with. I took some shots from the weekend to immortalize the final show of an incredible group of musicians and people we will never forget. Click this link or the photo below to check out the photos!

Daniel Davison killing it on drums

Daniel Davison killing it on drums

To Underoath!


-Brandon Ebel

World Domination with Manafest

Manafest took a break from taking over the world last week and stopped by the Tooth & Nail office. We spent some quality time hanging out and talking about all the epic things to come for him and his music (as well as his plan for total world domination). His new album “Fighter” is out now, I promise you won’t be disappointed. Enjoy!


Welcome _____ To The Tooth & Nail Family!

We have yet to make a formal announcement regarding the latest Tooth & Nail signing, but wanted to give you, our friends here at the Tooth & Nail Blog, a teaser of the newest addition to the family. Guesses are welcome, but if I told you at this point, I’d have to throw banana cream pies in your face or something.

new band