Travelogue: Bremerton Washington / MxPx

Many of us can remember our first encounter with Tooth & Nail. Whether it was through an album or a show or a music video that ran at 1am, those are memories that some people will hold onto forever. This is true of our friend Jason Hockney Zeimet who got a chance to meet and hang out with the band that started it all for him, MxPx.

Here you can watch his Travelogue and follow along with Jason as he travels to the band’s hometown of Bremerton, WA and meets with lead singer Mike Herrera for a tour of Monkey Trench Studios, talks about the band’s first 7″ release and joins in on a rehearsal session.

Pretty awesome what you can do if you put your mind to it! Where there’s a will, there’s a way and all that jazz. Do you have any sweet stories about meeting a band that changed it all for you? We’d love to hear them!

And speaking of MxPx, we might be working on a little something something for their 20th Anniversary. You’ll just have to stay tuned to find out what.

Ask Tooth & Nail: Will Anchor & Braille’s “The Quiet Life” Be Released On Vinyl?

Hello out there in Tooth & Nail Land!

How are you guys? Have a good week?

Today’s question comes via email from Kyle Vallely:

I was wondering if T&N was releasing the vinyl of Anchor & Braille’s The Quiet Life, or if another label will be. Do you know when it will be released on vinyl? Thanks!

Our answer:

YES! Anchor & Braille’s “The Quiet Life” will definitely be available on vinyl. While the album is out in stores and online this coming Tuesday, July 31st, unfortunately the LP is going to be delayed a bit. We can’t say exactly when it will be available, but the details for it are currently being sorted out. What I can say is that the artwork will be slightly different and exclusive to the vinyl version of the record. We’ll give you all the info once we’ve got it!

Shameless plug time: “The Quiet Life” is still available for pre-order now at the Anchor & Braille Store, or iTunes. Be sure to look out for it on Tuesday! It rules, and we mean that in a totally non-subjective, professional, unbiased way.

If you have a question you’d like answered, leave us a comment here, tweet us @toothandnail or shoot us an email at and hopefully you’ll see your question here on a future edition of Ask Tooth & Nail.

Happy Friday!

Ask Tooth & Nail: How Do You Get The New Summer Sampler?

Our first week of Ask Tooth & Nail! I figured I would take it pretty easy: warm up, ease us into this thing. Maybe do some stretches and run a lap later.

JoshTara asked:

How do you get the new Summer Sampler at How does one get a download card to redeem?

Our answer:

If you have been following Tooth & Nail or any of our subsidiaries over the years, you may have noticed that every summer we try to give away some sweet music for you to sample, munch on, consume at will. Have no fear, the same is true this year! If you have been to one summer festival or another, you may have seen our pretty little Tooth & Nail Tent set up on the grounds and likely manned by Micah Dean, Taylor or Adam, a few members of our friendly and helpful staff. In fact, as we speak they are down in Enumclaw, WA at Creation West. If you’re out there or planning on it over the weekend, stop by and say hi!

Not only are the dudez there to help you with all your merchandise needs, they are also good for a laugh and can supply you with a download card that will provide you with exactly what you need to redeem some songs over at Just be sure to ask nicely and not talk smack about the Colorado Rockies to Adam. It’s been a rough season.

If you missed your chance or aren’t planning on hitting a festival this year, stay tuned. We might have a few tricks up our sleeves!

Hope this helped! If you have a question you’d like answered, leave us a comment here, tweet us @toothandnail or shoot us an email at and hopefully you’ll see your question here on a future edition of Ask Tooth & Nail.

See you next week!

Ask Tooth & Nail!

We’re starting a new weekly column called “Ask Tooth & Nail.” You ask, we answer. Each week we’ll pick a question and a member of our awesome staff will write a response here at the ol’ Tooth & Nail Blog.

Theoretically, these questions could be about anything: the music business, McDonalds vs. Burger King, album cover inspiration, fantasy football…pretty much whatever is on your mind. Who knows, maybe we will finally learn why the chicken crossed the road.

So get askin’!

School’s Out For Summer!

Granted, we’re not in school, but whatever. Either way, this means I’m taking off my hiatus and letting you know that though we may have been quiet here on our renowned Tooth & Nail Blog, we have also been busy. This summer kicked off with new albums from Write This Down, The Overseer, Children 18:3, States and Wolves At The Gate. And it’s only the beginning of July!

It was America’s birthday this week, which also marked the first true day of sun and warmth (if you can consider the low 70s warmth, which we do) in Seattle. In belated celebration, we spent our Friday lunch break firing up the grill and enjoying summer.

Looking ahead, we are working on some really cool new albums from Capital Lights, Anchor & Braille and Abandoned Pools. I am personally excited about all those releases, but I suppose I’m a little bit biased.

There may or may not be some other neat-o tricks up our sleeves. Cough, cough. So stay tuned for some fun and other awesome things. And remind me to tell you about that one time I made a piñata out of peeps for one of our A&R guys.