Water Colour-ing

Here at Tooth & Nail, we take some pride in being able to supply some pretty awesome pre-order items that come along with our already-awesome albums. So when Swimming With Dolphins decided their album would be entitled “Water Colours,” of course actual water colors seemed like an obvious choice.

In case any of you were wondering if you could really use these water colors for the actual purpose of painting – fear not! John, Micah Dean, Adam and I took it upon ourselves to prove that not only are they fashionable, but functional as well. Check out the gallery for the before and afters on our fine works of art. Personally, I think I totally showed those dudes up. Just sayin! Though to be fair, I did supply my own brush.

And for some shameless self-promotion, to order your own set of Swimming With Dolphins Water Colors + Poster, visit the Tooth & Nail Store.

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