Tooth & Nail Visits Ivoryline In The Studio

One of the perks of working at a record label is getting to hear music from some of our favorite artists pretty far in advance of an album coming out. Quite a few of our bands record with Aaron Sprinkle at The Compound Studio here in Seattle, which gives us some pretty sweet opportunities to not only hang out, listen to music and spend time with our bands, but occasionally even make a guest appearance on an album (ie. gang vocals on tracks by MxPx and The Letter Black, no big deal.)

Not too long ago, we went to the studio to visit Ivoryline as they finished up recording their follow-up to 2008’s “There Came A Lion.” Pizza, new music and friends…how could we not? Luckily for you, we recorded our field trip which you can now watch on YouTube to get a sneak preview of some new Ivoryline tunes. Time to get stoked!

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