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As Cities Burn Full Album Stream at AOL! Bonus Song on iTunes!
Posted by As Cities Burn on 04/22/09

As Cities Burn's "Hell or High Water" is available in stores and online now! For a preview of the album in its entirety, head over to AOL Music!

If you like what you hear, you can pick up "Hell or...

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"Hell Or High Water" Album Cover

"Hell Or High Water" Album Cover

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Wise men understand that growing older yields maturity and knowledge. Knowledge not just from the words written in a book, but also from worldly interaction and life’s circumstances— for better or worse. When artists’ careers grow old, they constantly yield matured outlooks on life, more knowledgeable than previous works.

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Cody Bonnette - Vocals, Guitar
Colin Kimble - Bass
Chris Lott - Guitar
Aaron Lunsford - Drums