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The Whirlwind That Was Australia
Posted by Ivoryline on 09/22/08

The Whirlwind That Was Australia I feel like our band was picked up by a whirlwind and carried halfway across the world and back. When we first heard the news that we were going to be touring to Australia, we couldn't believe it; couldn't even wrap our heads around it. Traveling to Australia had been a dream of mine since elementary school. One of my best friends was born there and she used to tell me stories of its wonders. Now I've experienced some of those wonders with my own two eyes.

The dream started through a festival called Big Exo Day. One day, a rep for the festival called our manager and requested that we come over and play. All the finances and logistics of it were ironed out within a week. We were even able to get a handful of other shows booked around the country.

We left from Dallas, TX on Sep 4th and arrived in Sydney on Sep 6th 8am. Yeah! We traveled for two days. You cross the International Date Line when flying to Australia, so we "lost a day." The actual total flight time for us was about 17 and half hours, and we played the festival the night we arrived.

We were scheduled to play the main stage which was honestly a bit intimidating. It was housed in the Sydney Olympic trial stadium. However, we didn't actually have to tackle it because that stage was rained out. They moved all of us who were supposed to play mainstage in to the amphitheater stage. We were happy with the move because the stage we played on was much more accessible and intimate. We ended up playing for a packed house which I believe was about 4,000 people. The crowd was incredible. I smiled the entire set. I was completely blown away by their passion and enthusiasm. If every crowd could be that open and connected to the band and fellow fans, it would be revolutionary.

I just want to say thank you to those of you who came to any of our shows in Australia. You made us feel welcome, and you refreshed us. We hope to come back in the very near future.

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog. If you have any comments or questions, please contact us on our myspace! We would really like to hear from you. We will be announcing another tour very soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

With love,

Here are some words/phrases we learned while in Australia:
- avo = afternoon
- You alright? = Can I help you?
- uni = college/university
- Hungry Jacks = Burger King
- cheers/ that's alright/ no worries = you're welcome
- heaps / stacks = a lot "Heaps cool" is one of the most common phrases we heard.

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