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Kings Kaleidoscope releases "Live In Focus" EP
Posted by Kings Kaleidoscope on 06/29/15

Kings Kaleidoscope released their label debut "Becoming Who We Are" last year to critical acclaim. The songs "I Know," "Dreams," and "139" have gained attention for the band, expanding their reach far...

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Kings Kaleidoscope "Asaph's Arrows" Cover

Kings Kaleidoscope "Asaph's Arrows" Cover

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Quick Bio

Kings Kaleidoscope is an alternative band based in Seattle, WA. They have released 4 EP's to date, all of which have seen the band progress further and further into the twixt and tween of genres. 10 members strong, the band builds upon the mainstay sounds of drums, bass, keys and guitars, by adding a vast array of orchestral elements including violins, cellos,woodwinds, trombones, trumpets and vibraphones.  With a strong hip-hop influence and an energy that nods toward The Mars Volta, the band is able to capture the extremes of dynamics, and project emotion like few others can.

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Chad Gardner - vocals, guitar, keys
Andrew Nyte - drums
John Platter - drums, percussion, bells
Zack Walkingstick - bass
Nadia Ifland Essenpreis - keys, violin, vocals
Lindsay Gardner - cello, keys, vocals
Julianne Smith - violin, accordion
Zawadi Morrow - piano, vocals, flute, violin
Blake Strickland - trombone
Jared Buck - guitar