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Artifex Pereo


Jamie Davis: Guitar/Vocals
Cory Eaves: Drums
Jordan Haynes: Guitar
Lucas Worley: Vocals
Eugene Barker: Bass
Jeremiah Brinkworth: Keys

The music of ARTIFEX PEREO is the physical manifestation of the sublime friendship and sentimental bond forged by six friends who’ve poured every ounce of energy, passion and ambition into a mesmerizing collaborative expression. The boundaries between broadminded melodies, chest-thumping rhythmic momentum and guitar lines as meticulously craft as they are undeniably catchy have come down. Artifex Pereo draw from a deep well of sonic exhibitionism, resulting in a body of work as diverse as an iPod on shuffle and yet cohesive, unique and readily identifiable.

There are so many avenues to discover music nowadays that it can become overwhelming. Artifex Perero are driven by an authenticity that can’t be ignored; a sense of purpose that breaks through the noise. Time in Place, the band’s debut album on Tooth & Nail Records, will invigorate anyone enamored by the multi-instrumentalism of The Dear Hunter, the melodic triumph of Circa Survive, the abrasive experimentalism of Orange County post-metalcore heroes Thrice, or the jaggedly explosive emotional outpouring of Glassjaw.

The six young men of Artifex Pereo have emerged from the storied city of Louisville, the city by the river in the bluegrass state that has given us Mohammad Ali, Daniel Boone and Johnny Depp. The backwoods familial fraternities portrayed on the acclaimed TV series “Justified” is only part of the puzzle. Louisville (“luh-ville” to the locals) has a rich history of musical subculture and commercial album heights alike, from the angular innovations of Slint and the angry post-hardcore of Coliseum to the timeless tunes of Rosemary Clooney and the father of bluegrass music, Bill Monroe. Artifex Perero was forged from the remnants of two local bands, bound together by determined resolve to give something to the greater music community, with Louisville’s spirit of community within them.

As the fires of another famous city burned, Emperor Nero was infamously playing away at his fiddle. The Roman Emperor’s last words were said to be, “Qualis Artifex Pereo.” Loosely translated, it means, “What an artist dies in me.” Artifex Pereo place equal import on the ide of legacy, of leaving behind a collection of songs and highly memorable, electric performances that will endure the passing of time and the coming and going of trends.

From the earliest incarnation of a melody on the piano, to a guitar riff or a faintly sung vocal idea, each and every member contributes to the band’s collective sound in equal measure. There’s a level of comfort, camaraderie and chemistry within Artifex Pereo that enables productive songwriting sessions as well as blistering performances that balance unbridled energy with technical proficiency. It’s a working relationship that stretches back to the group’s first rumblings in a smoldering garage, where they crafted the songs for their first DIY EP, which was recorded in a garage.

Now with the proverbial sun in their faces and the wind at their backs, Artifex Pereo are primed and ready to share their cherished, incredibly personal compositions with the world, launching into a heavy touring cycle in support of their record and eager to see where the future takes them.

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Jamie Davis: Guitar/Vocals

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Jamie Davis - Guitar/Vocals
Cory Eaves - Drums
Jordan Haynes - Guitar
Lucas Worley - Vocals
Eugene Barker - Bass
Jeremiah Brinkworth - Keys