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  • 06/13  ANBERLIN  Houston, TX
    4:00pm - Reliant Park Main St Yellow Lot
  • 06/14  ANBERLIN  San Antonio, TX
  • 06/15  ANBERLIN  Denver, CO
  • 06/15  ANBERLIN  Dallas, TX

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Stephen Blog - 06.08.07
Posted by Anberlin on 06/08/07

well we just arrived two days ago here in adelaide, australia. what an amazing advernture thus far, as many of you know we had never been to singapore or japan before.

all the shows were amazing but in singapore we played a small acoustic secret show at a really cool club called hope. i think absolutely everyone was singing along because i couldn't even hear myself singing. in life that is going to go down as one of the greatest shows for me personally. i could not stop smiling the entire time. we all made a promise to each other to translate more of our songs to acoustic guitars because we did not want that night to stop at all.

japan was insane. i tried to speak japanese in between each song, but it wasn't too good. hopefully it's the thought that counts. i can't wait to go back to japan, it didn't feel like we had enough time there at all. but i think the shows went well enough that we will!

we are now in adelaide, australia sitting downstairs waiting to play. and i am really really ready to play. im thinking about just telling copeland to pack it up because i am so excited. it has been such a great tour being out with those guys, over dinner last night aaron marsh (copeland singer) said that this didnt even feel like tour; just hanging out with friends. and that's exactly how i feel as well. we even worked on some backing vocals last night in the hotel room for anchor&braille. shhhh, don't tell anyone!

the video is done! were just looking through a couple of edits and deciding which one we look the prettiest in. ha. hope all is well friends!


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Throughout rock history, from "OK Computer" to "War" to "London Calling," third albums have defined careers. With the bombastic, breathtaking CITIES, Anberlin's cohesive and adventurous new album, the group puts itself in some esteemed company, with a modern classic that uplifts as much as it initiates thought and elicits emotion.

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Stephen Christian - Vocals, Guitar
Deon Rexroat - Bass
Joseph Milligan - Lead Guitar
Nathan Young - Drums
Christian McAlhaney - Guitar