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  • 06/13  ANBERLIN  Houston, TX
    4:00pm - Reliant Park Main St Yellow Lot
  • 06/14  ANBERLIN  San Antonio, TX
  • 06/15  ANBERLIN  Denver, CO
  • 06/15  ANBERLIN  Dallas, TX

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Stephen Blog - 07.13.07
Posted by Anberlin on 07/13/07

well, we're out on warped tour and i could not be more stoked. everyone is so cool, and there are tons and tons of people showing up to the shows everyday. the highlight is meeting all the other musicians. coheed, circa survive, and killswitch have been some of the coolest people.

our highlights as far as shows have been main stage in salt lake city utah! but i wanted to say thanks so much to everyone in denver, we got set back because of the rain; everyone stayed around and watched us at 8pm! even after being out in the weather all day.

we're on till july 27th and after that were going to take our first real break since february. it will be nice to finally be able to unpack my suitcase and hang out with my family and friends!

my brother and i will finally be able to watch transformers, and i will get to celebrate my niece's birthday, even if it's a month late! we're doing a lot of fly-out dates and it looks like were going to spend time in the UK! hopefully!

this fall were going out with an amazing band, but we were asked not to tell everyone just yet, but trust me it's worth the wait!

talk to you soon!

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Throughout rock history, from "OK Computer" to "War" to "London Calling," third albums have defined careers. With the bombastic, breathtaking CITIES, Anberlin's cohesive and adventurous new album, the group puts itself in some esteemed company, with a modern classic that uplifts as much as it initiates thought and elicits emotion.

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Stephen Christian - Vocals, Guitar
Deon Rexroat - Bass
Joseph Milligan - Lead Guitar
Nathan Young - Drums
Christian McAlhaney - Guitar