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  • 06/13  ANBERLIN  Houston, TX
    4:00pm - Reliant Park Main St Yellow Lot
  • 06/14  ANBERLIN  San Antonio, TX
  • 06/15  ANBERLIN  Denver, CO
  • 06/15  ANBERLIN  Dallas, TX

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Stephen Blog - 04.09.07
Posted by Anberlin on 04/09/07

i think if i could i would never come off this tour. i would just stay with the 4 of these bands and hope no one would ever get tired of us traveling with the same people! tonight wraps up the last night that bayside will be with us, unfortunately! they are amazing musicians, with great fans, and incredible people!

tonight we are here in Pittsburgh, home of steel and zao. the boys in zao are coming out tonight, so i'm really excited. we have had a lot of friends come out these last couple shows; matt kearney, hawthorne heights, say anything, emery, and a couple other bands. good times!

we're excited to be heading into canada here soon, new bands new tour; the end of the tour we are playing bamboozle for the second time & immediately after that we head off to sweden to shoot our music video for 'godspeed'!!!!

that's about it from over here. i'll keep you updated if anything else exciting happens.


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Throughout rock history, from "OK Computer" to "War" to "London Calling," third albums have defined careers. With the bombastic, breathtaking CITIES, Anberlin's cohesive and adventurous new album, the group puts itself in some esteemed company, with a modern classic that uplifts as much as it initiates thought and elicits emotion.

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Stephen Christian - Vocals, Guitar
Deon Rexroat - Bass
Joseph Milligan - Lead Guitar
Nathan Young - Drums
Christian McAlhaney - Guitar