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Posted by I Am Empire on 07/21/11

I AM WEST We made it back to the West coast! After a month of van/trailer/scheduling problems, we are back. On our way we spent a couple days up in Saskatchewan, Canada for a show on the tour. It was our first time up there and it was a blast. Getting into the country proved to be a bit of a hassle, but once we were in, the people were so kind to us and the show was great! Kids definitely love music up in America's hat.

Today, we played Creation Northwest in the cold and the rain (a welcome break from the grimy, muggy, heat of the midwest) and got to hang out with Adam, Casey, and Micah from Tooth! A lot of fun people running this label we all know and love.

On our day off last week after Sonshine (which was AWESOME), Luke, Josh, Eric, and I went to see the new Harry Potter....yes, I'm a huge fan, read all the books, and the final movie was SO rad. Feel free to judge me all you want, you're missin out if you haven't followed the series! In other personal news, I've also been listening to a lot of The Gaslight Anthem and Foster the People this month. If you haven't checked them out before, do that. I feel like I've been focusing a lot on the goings on of tour and leaving out a lot of the fun little facts about me and the band that could be interesting, disturbing, or just plain boring. Maybe I'll start adding a little bit more of that for the last few days on this tour! We will be back home in only 3 days and as much as I love the road, I am stoked to get home and relax for a while!

I made a new video blog this week when we had some time off, so check that out here! (I apologize in advance for the amount of idiocracy involved in this video)

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Since we last heard from alternative rockers I Am Empire with 2011’s highly heralded Tooth & Nail debut Kings, the San Jose-based band logged endless miles of sweat equity on the road, supporting the likes of Emery, Brian “Head” Welch and Project 86, alongside its own headlining outing, plus a pair of performances at Germany’s enormous Christmas Rock Night festival. The results have not only found the foursome cementing their already apparent chemistry to indestructible degrees, but has also renewed their zeal for constant creativity that manifested itself throughout its second long player Anchors.

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Austin Lyons  - vocals
Andrew Stanton  - guitar
Joshua Case  - bass
Eric Martin  - drums