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Posted by I Am Empire on 07/01/11

I AM VANS We left off last in Topeka, Kansas where we were stuck finding a new van to continue the Fire With Fire tour and play Creation East (today)..since then, much has changed.

After that day we drove to Minnesota, bought a new (to us) van, took off toward Pennsylvania, and overheated on the side of I-94 Minnesota 3 hours later....we were able to let it cool down a little bit and drive it 10 minutes to a friend's house who happened to live right near where we broke down. Very skeptical at the van's ability to make it the next 20 hours across the country, we decided to stay the night and get it checked first thing in the morning (this left us with about 28 hours to make a 20 hour drive). We got it back from the shop at 11 am, they said that it checked out fine and we just overheated. Back on the road, the thermostat began to read high temperatures (once again) only 25 minutes down the road. We had to pull off the freeway to the nearest Ford shop who wasn't able to even check the van until 5 days later. At this point, we only had about 23 hours before our set time at Creation, leaving us a 3 hour grace period. Trying to push on, we hit the road one last time...our hearts broke a little bit as the van was obviously being pushed to it's limit within another 25 minutes and we knew there was no way it would be able to drive for the next 20 straight hours. This left us no choice but to cancel our appearance at Creation East. Definitely the absolute LAST thing I wanted to happen on this tour, and it did. We have never been to Creation before and personally, I was so pumped to play it. It seems there is something trying to hold us back from getting out there this summer. The only good thing in the situation is that we only had to cancel Creation and one show in New York due to this because the first two shows of the tour had already been canceled by the promoter, allowing us to actually be on every date of the FWF tour still.

Thankfully, we have a place to stay here in Minneapolis and will be able to hang out for 4th of July. Also, the van will be getting a new radiator system and will be good to go by next Wednesday when we go to Wisconsin to jam at LifeFest! So anxious to get back on the road, but for now, we will be patient and enjoy our time off in a nice state with good friends. In the meantime, check out another tour video blog here!

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Since we last heard from alternative rockers I Am Empire with 2011’s highly heralded Tooth & Nail debut Kings, the San Jose-based band logged endless miles of sweat equity on the road, supporting the likes of Emery, Brian “Head” Welch and Project 86, alongside its own headlining outing, plus a pair of performances at Germany’s enormous Christmas Rock Night festival. The results have not only found the foursome cementing their already apparent chemistry to indestructible degrees, but has also renewed their zeal for constant creativity that manifested itself throughout its second long player Anchors.

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Austin Lyons  - vocals
Andrew Stanton  - guitar
Joshua Case  - bass
Eric Martin  - drums