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Posted by I Am Empire on 06/26/11

I AM THE DESERT If I had to pick one word to describe this tour so far, it would be: SWEAT.

We have been in the desert between Las Vegas and St. George, Utah for the last two days and our air conditioning is officially out of order. Apparently the everything underneath our van has been rotted out to the point of being eaten away, the most important of those things being the AC hose. We ended up driving in 105 degree weather all afternoon. I don't think my body has ever been that hot!

We made some fun out of our day when the 3 of us who have iPhones downloaded a game called High Noon and started playing against each other. Things got pretty entertaining!

To top off all the heat, Austin, Eric, Josh, and I decided it would be a great idea to do a P90X workout an hour before we played the we made it through our set without passing out is truly a miracle!

We're set up in a church auditorium getting ready to sleep for the night and I can definitely feel a good sleep coming least until we have to wake up at 5 am to drive out to Colorado! Hopefully the van will stay together on the way there.

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Since we last heard from alternative rockers I Am Empire with 2011’s highly heralded Tooth & Nail debut Kings, the San Jose-based band logged endless miles of sweat equity on the road, supporting the likes of Emery, Brian “Head” Welch and Project 86, alongside its own headlining outing, plus a pair of performances at Germany’s enormous Christmas Rock Night festival. The results have not only found the foursome cementing their already apparent chemistry to indestructible degrees, but has also renewed their zeal for constant creativity that manifested itself throughout its second long player Anchors.

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Austin Lyons  - vocals
Andrew Stanton  - guitar
Joshua Case  - bass
Eric Martin  - drums