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Sent By Ravens on Westboro Baptist Church
Posted by Sent By Ravens on 03/28/12

Sent By Ravens on Westboro Baptist Church As some of you know, we recently traded words in a Twitter war with the Westboro Baptist Church. We have prayed over this situation for the past few days and believe this statement is in the best interest of our hearts. I wrote the lyrics to our new record "Mean What You Say" in response to my initial anger after hearing about their acts. This emotion did not sit well with me. As a believer, I feel an enormous responsibility in the quality of what I say. People listen, people judge, and most importantly, people absorb. The new album is an introspective look at my own heart. It was not directed at the WBC or any other group. My hope was and still is to grow in love. My initial anger at certain views of certain people was wrong. The Jesus that I know does not condemn. He saves. He loves. This is why I believe we need to continuously examine our own hearts and follow peace from God. Not Anger.

We sincerely thank all of our friends and fans for your support, however, we encourage you to search your hearts as well. How are you affected by anger? How does your anger affect those around you? I believe that it can cripple us. If you pray, we ask that you pray for a release of love on the hearts of the people in this situation. I know in my heart that they are loved as we all are. Whether received or thrown away, they should be loved. This is our final statement on this situation. We do not wish to add any more fuel to the fire. All we ask is that if you feel the need to speak. Speak with love. Be an example. #meanwhatyousay

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For “Mean What You Say,” the band’s second album they partnered with Producer Rob Hawkins (Fireflight, Disciple), and made a record that, frankly, few bands could even conceive of making. Front to back, it is a triumph in production quality, unforgettable songwriting, and uncanny passion. It is dark and disquieting, yet uplifting. It is contemporary without being derivative. Yet for Riner and company, Mean What You Say is not simply an exercise in flexing their sonic might, but a vital response to a spiritual crisis in our culture.

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Zach Riner - Vocals
JJ Leonard - Guitar
Andy O'Neal - Guitar
Jon Arena - Bass
Dane Anderson - Drums