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Dear Diary #38
Posted by The Letter Black on 05/22/12

Dear Diary #38 Dear Diary,

We have so much going on right now! The biggest thing is that we’re in the studio in Nashville recording our second record. We’re in our 3rd week and are working on vocals now. Mark and Matt have gotten most of the guitar and bass stuff done already. So now we’re just tracking vocals and next week, we’re doing drums. We’re having such a blast recording. Judah is being awesome too. I think he’s content to watch everything thats going on or play with his toys.

Everyone keeps asking us when new music is coming out, so to make due until this new record comes out, we’re releasing a REMIX record. It is AWESOME (especially with the volume cranked). I absolutely love it. Its a remix of the Hanging on By a Thread record. Its such a fun alternative. The remix record will release MAY 22ND!!! Very soon!! So I hope everybody will rock to the remix until we get this new record finished up.

I can’t wait to hit up all the festivals again this year. Kinda sad that its Cornerstone's last year of doing the festival. They’ve been around for forever it seems. That was the first festival we played as a band, so we’re sad to see that festival come to an end. But on the up side, I cannot wait for both Creation East and West, and all the others in between. This is gonna be an awesome year and I cant wait to get it started!!

Yours Truly,

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The origins of Tooth & Nail’s highly heralded hard rock acquisition The Letter Black actually dates back to the members time in Breaking the Silence. After forming in 2006, the group entered the studio independently with Travis Wyrick (P.O.D., Pillar, Disciple), followed by an impressive streak of 150 shows a year including a last minute call from the T&N to serve as a substitute for a broken up band on the otherwise successful Five 4 Five Tour alongside Dizmas and Children 18:3 (with just two weeks notice), and more recently, Skillet’s immensely successful Awake and Alive Tour. Between constant contact with the label through that all-star producer and their new manager, the Uniontown, Pennsylvania-based band turned their backs on other label offers and signed by the dotted line.

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Sarah Anthony - Vocals
Mark Anthony - Vocals and Guitar
Matt Beal - Bass
Mat Slagle - Drums