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Dear Diary #30
Posted by The Letter Black on 09/03/10

Dear Diary #30 So we left Tulsa and Danny after a few days and headed out to Texas to on of our favorite festivals of the entire year, Rock The Desert. This year was our second year and it was just as great as last year… maybe even better! We played Friday, August 6th, and Saturday, August 7th. Friday was cool cause we didn’t go on until 12:15 or so at night! WAY past my bedtime. LOL.. It was really weird because it felt like we didn’t do anything all day and just as we started winding down and getting tired, we had to go set up and play a show. We did get to catch up with our pals in Skillet and Decyfer Down though which was really nice! We love all those guys and gals. But anyhow, the show actually turned out to be really sweet! The crowd was AWESOME! Thats one of the reasons we love Rock The Desert so much… the crowds are pretty much unbeatable. There were so many people with our shirts on in the crowd too which is cool to see while your on stage. All in all, the Friday went pretty great. We finished up, packed up, and had our wonderful “runner” (person who drives us around) take us to the hotel for the night. We ordered pizza from a shop and got lucky cause it was about 7 minutes till close time. Sorry pizza man.

The next morning, we slept in SOOO long! We must have needed to catch up on our sleep cause we never sleep in as late as we did. When we woke up, it was noon already! We didn’t go to sleep till after 3 am too, so that didn’t help, but still… I think our body’s were trying to get us to chill. LOL. So we woke up and packed up and headed out to Rock The Desert again for round 2. We went to the sponsor tent to meet some cool people and then chilled some more in catering. I got to escape for a little while to talk to my baby sister on her birthday. I was pretty sad that I couldn’t be there to celebrate with her. She turned 17! I can’t believe it. We have plans to celebrate when we get home, even if it is over a week late. After I talked with her, we ate dinner then changed and headed out to soundcheck. Did that, then rocked it out at 7:30pm I believe. We closed out the stage again so the crowd was sweet. When we got done we signed and took pics with all the awesome people. The line was SOOO long! I can’t believe people waited, but I’m happy they did. Its so nice to meet everyone. Once we were done with that we pretty much just packed up and headed to the hotel for bed. Ordered pizza again first though.

Woke up and drove through the day to Dallas. We stopped and grabbed Cracker Barrel for a treat. It was so nice. We got to the hotel later that night by about 9pm and crashed. On Monday, we got up and packed for our fly-date to Washington. For the first time in a long time, the entire flying experience went quickly and smoothly. It was almost too perfect! I kept waiting for a huge disaster, but nothing happened. It was really nice. Usually the lines are long, or the seating is messed up so we cant sit together, or they lose our baggage, or the flights delayed, or something. But none of that happened. It was fantastic. We landed in Seattle and got picked up by 2 lovely ladies working with the University we played at. They took us to Red Robin (AWESOME) and then we headed to the hotel for the night. Woke up the next morning and got ready for the day. We got picked up by some other cool people from the church and we grabbed lunch, went to a music store, and Radio Shack, then headed to the venue for soundcheck. Guys set up gear, Matt and I set up merch and we sound checked and were done by a decent time. Dinner was fabulous. This guy made us a 3 course meal and served it plate by plate to us. It was SOO good! Then we got ready for the show and rocked it out. The crowd was great there too! Everyone was so nice! The whole fly-date went totally smooth, which is weird for a fly-date, but I’m not complaining!

We headed back to the hotel that night and got there at almost 1 am and we had to get up at 3:30 am for our ride to the airport at 4 am. Needless to say, we hit the snooze button until about 5 minutes till 4 am, rolled out of bed and hit the road. We checked in and flew out of Seattle by 7 am and landed back in Dallas mid-afternoon. We hit the ground running, and immediately headed toward our next show in Kentucky. The show was on Saturday, August 14th, but we got hotel rooms in Bowling Green the Thursday and Friday to relax there before coming out to the actual festival. We got to the festival on Saturday and set up merch. We played SUPER early compared to last week at Rock the Desert. We went on at 10 am, but even though it was early, the crowd was great! I got hit in the face by Marks guitar onstage too, which was cool. Haha… Good times. It was SO hot that day too and I almost blacked out for the first time ever. Even the boys got dizzy onstage. Someone else from another band had to get hooked up to an IV. LOL… It was one of the hottest festivals to date. All in all though, it went great! We even got to catch Mercy Me at the end of the night before bed.

Sunday morning, we woke up and drove 5 hours to Indiana for our show that evening. Everyone there was SO nice too! Its been great lately as far as meeting tons of great people. We even had 2 of our most loyal fans at that show. You two know who you are! You guys rock and thanks for being so supportive. The show itself was really good too. Someone won a car, and you could pay a dollar per hit to destroy another car. Again, all in all, another great day.

That evening, we drove through the night to get back home for a few days. Thats where we are now. I’m sitting at my kitchen table. Its been great seeing all of our family and our dog, Rocker. We don’t leave till Friday morning so we’re just going to enjoy time home doing nothing while we’re here. Now I’m going to go eat some Chicken Parm and spaghetti while laying on my couch watching movies. Oh yeah, and catch up on the laundry. LOL

Yours Truly,

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Sarah Anthony - Vocals
Mark Anthony - Vocals and Guitar
Matt Beal - Bass
Mat Slagle - Drums