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  • 11/23  COPELAND  Orlando, FL
    6:30pm - Ixora Album Release Show @ The Social
  • 02/02  COPELAND  Charlotte, NC
  • 02/03  COPELAND  Atlanta, GA

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Shoes for Tomorrow
Posted by Copeland on 12/02/08

Shoes for Tomorrow We recently had the pleasure of meeting some folks from an organization called
TOM shoes. The name of the organization means "Shoes for Tomorrow" and they have a really great idea for helping others....

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Copeland's "Ixora" iTunes Pre-Order
Posted by Copeland on 11/04/14

Copeland's long-awaited return album "Ixora" is now available for pre-order on iTunes. The Pre-Order comes with instant downloads of the songs "Erase" and "Ordinary"!

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Copeland Photo 2 2014

Copeland Photo 2 2014

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Quick Bio

American pop standard “You Are My Sunshine” is synonymous with idyllic memories of youth and other feelings of merriment. But Copeland, the Lakeland, Fla.-based, indie alternative trio who’ve already brought soul-searching tracks like “Control Freak” and “Pin Your Wings,” spin their own metaphorical thesis on the classic tune for their fourth studio effort, the aptly-titled You Are My Sunshine.

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