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Tour Dates

  • 11/23  COPELAND  Orlando, FL
    6:30pm - Ixora Album Release Show @ The Social
  • 02/02  COPELAND  Charlotte, NC
  • 02/03  COPELAND  Atlanta, GA

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Copeland's "Ixora" iTunes Pre-Order
Posted by Copeland on 11/04/14

Copeland's "Ixora" iTunes Pre-Order Copeland's long-awaited return album "Ixora" is now available for pre-order on iTunes. The Pre-Order comes with instant downloads of the songs "Erase" and "Ordinary"!

Copeland's Daytrotter Session Up Now!
Posted by Copeland on 08/18/09

Check out Copeland's Daytrotter Session where you can listen to and download all the songs they recorded there.

Copeland's "You Are My Sunshine" On Sale For Only $7.99 at iTunes!
Posted by Copeland on 07/22/09

Copeland's new album "You Are My Sunshine" is available now at iTunes for only $7.99! Get it now while it's on sale! Copeland is on tour now! Check out their MySpace page for all the dates and details.

Free Copeland In-Store Acoustic Performances Next Week!
Posted by Copeland on 07/16/09

Copeland will be performing two special acoustic in-store sets next week, one in Louisville, KY and one in Knoxville, TN.   Check out the information below and make your plans to go hang out with them. ...

Follow Copeland on Twitter!
Posted by Copeland on 04/06/09

Copeland is on Twitter! Follow the band to get their latest tweets and picture updates. Check out their page on Twitter here!

Broadcast Premiere of Copeland's "The Grey Man" Video!
Posted by Copeland on 03/18/09

Copeland's video for "The Grey Man" will be premiering on MTV2 this Thursday night (well, Friday morning technically) March 19th at 1am EST! The video will be on toward the end of the hour so stay tuned!


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Quick Bio

American pop standard “You Are My Sunshine” is synonymous with idyllic memories of youth and other feelings of merriment. But Copeland, the Lakeland, Fla.-based, indie alternative trio who’ve already brought soul-searching tracks like “Control Freak” and “Pin Your Wings,” spin their own metaphorical thesis on the classic tune for their fourth studio effort, the aptly-titled You Are My Sunshine.

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