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Hawk Nelson's Sacramento One Little Miracle feat Nicholas (VIDEO)
Posted by Hawk Nelson on 12/02/08

A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to visit the Ronald McDonald House in Sacramento, CA. There we met an unbelievable kid named Nicholas. And this is his story... Be sure to watch for next weeks episode....

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Hawk Nelson Vodcast Update!
Posted by Hawk Nelson on 10/31/08

One Little Miracle Campaign Update (Video

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Quick Bio

Every coin has two sides: heads and tails. Both are necessary to the value of the coin. Neither is more important than the other. So it is with Tooth & Nail band Hawk Nelson. Flip heads, you get the band’s signature punk rock fun. Flip tails and find an introspection that fuels it all.

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Jonathan Steingard - vocals/guitar
Daniel Brio - bass
Justin Benner - drums