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Posted by The Classic Crime on 07/31/08

Warped! Hey friendlies! Matt here. I'm sitting in the bus at the Indiana date on Warped Tour... it's pretty hot outside, and the AC on this bus is heaven right now. We're four dates in on this tour and just starting to get the hang of our new set/songs. Thanks to everyone that has come out and watched our set on the Smartpunk Stage! For those of you planning to come out to Warped for any of the remaining dates, come watch our set! And say hello to Dutty at our merch tent... maybe bring him something cold to drink. He'd love that!

We've been having a good time with the new songs. Thanks to everyone for picking up The Silver Cord first week. We're the most proud of this CD than anything we've done yet, and we're humbled and blessed that you have been so willing to support! Thank you for all your encouraging comments and messages about the new album. So far I've heard every song on the record as being somebody's "favorite." So I think that's a good thing! We hope to be able to do a headlining tour soon for this record so we can do all the songs justice! Check back on our Myspace for more details as things develop. For now, keep listening to the new record and come say hello at Warped.

I love you all,


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The Classic Crime isn't limited to scenes, trends or even genres -- at least not to anything more specifically than "rock" (like say U2 or the Foo Fighters). They may hail from the rich music scene of Seattle, but they aren't hipsters and they don't play grunge. With giant infectious melodies and occasional dalliances with prog-math and a newfound sense of whimsy, The Classic Crime is for everybody.

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Justin DuQue - Guitar
Matt MacDonald - Vocals
Paul Erickson - Drums
Robbie Negrin - Guitar
Alan Clark - Bass